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Flash fiction story: “The Chex Gambit”

“The Chex Gambit,” by Jon Lasser

Read for Toasted Cake 184, May 13th, 2018

Not sure how many words



Short story: “Our Side of the Door”

“Our Side of the Door,” by Kodiak Julian

Appeared in Lightspeed MagazineMay 2018 (Issue 96)

3,240 words

Another story that could be classified as realistic fiction just as easily as fantasy (last one here). I admire the way the literary plot unfolds, the ambiguity of the boy’s supposed journey.


Short story: “I Happy Am”

“I Happy Am,” by Jamel Brinkley

Appeared in Ploughshares Spring 2018 Vol. 44 No. 1

I would guess 4,000 words

Something like an epiphany at the end—an epiphany the boy isn’t yet prepared to understand. Good story.

His daydream of being a robot is very real.


Short story: “Strange Waters”

“Strange Waters,” by Samantha Mills

Appeared in Strange Horizons, April 2nd, 2018, and read for the podcast by editor Anaea Lay

6,183 words, according to the magazine

I teared up at the end. Great concept, well executed.

Short story: “Clap Your Hands”

“Clap Your Hands,” by Andrew F. Kooy

Appeared in issue 107 of Apex Magazine (online here April 3rd, 2018) and read very well on the podcast by Christopher Soren Kelly

3,300 words, according to the magazine

(Spoilers ahead.) A good story, if rather bleak. I didn’t get the ending at first—apparently it’s obvious to the stranger that there shouldn’t be any water here, and the hole was meant for a mass grave.

Flash fiction story: “Death Rides Shotgun”

“Death Rides Shotgun,” by Michael Haynes

Appeared in Galaxy’s Edge, Issue Thirty-One: March 2018 (I think you can read the whole issue on the website)

937 words

A sweet, gentle, understated story.

Short story: “Bedtime”

“Bedtime,” by Gabriel Heller

Appeared in Electric Literature‘s Okey-Panky, November 13th, 2017

1,679 words

A depressing vision of home life, complete with a hint that old age holds worse things. The lack of paragraph breaks, the lack of quote marks, and the relentlessness of the banal details make this feel like stream of consciousness.

Short story: “Mother Tongues”

“Mother Tongues,” by S. Qiouyi Lu

Appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, January/February 2018, Vol. 42 Nos. 1 & 2 (Whole numbers 504 & 505)

Maybe 2,000 words? Very short

My favorite piece in this issue so far. A very simple story, but effective.

Flash fiction story: “The Two of Us”

“The Two of Us,” by Jeff Bakkensen

Appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, August 31st, 2016

Only 331 words!

A moment of awakening, seems like. Maybe even a coming of age (though I sort of dislike that term/concept). I definitely feel like this kid is a child, not a teenager.

Short story: “Those We Feed”

“Those We Feed,” by Layla Al-Bedawi

Appeared in Fireside Magazine, January 2018, edited by Julia Rios; online here

557 words

An awesome parenthood nightmare.

I like that it’s not clear what the child actually is. An alien, a demon … it doesn’t matter.