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Short story: “Friends”

“Friends,” by Laura van den Berg

Appeared in the anthology Tiny Crimes: Very Short Tales of Mystery & Murder, edited by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto and published by Black Balloon, an imprint of Catapult; appeared in Catapult on June 1st, 2018

1,525 words

The part about the mother is fascinating.

“Am I a terrible person?” Sarah asked.

“Yes,” Holly said. “That’s what makes you perfect.”

Ah, friendship.


Flash fiction story: “Dandelions”

“Dandelions,” by Kate Barss

Appeared in Catapult, March 16th, 2018

328 words, although the magazine’s guidelines say a minimum of 500 words

Not my usual kind of thing, but I was won over by the elegance of the dandelion imagery, the way it suggests the character’s newfound freedom from relationships with men. The fact that the mother is gardening (probably cursing every dandelion she sees) is very apt.

On death

“So I told Beatrice that I didn’t know why people die, or what happens after, or how it feels, but that I still hoped someday I might understand. That with time and concentration and patience, I thought someday she might, too. I told her that if you are privileged enough to have a good death, not cut short by violence or illness or misfortune, and if you are privileged enough to have a good life, with space and time to put your mind to it, I think it’s possible to die with grace and courage.

“And then I told her my wish, the same thing I’ve been wishing on every penny I’ve thrown in every well since I was five years old. I wish that when I die, in the last instant, I finally understand, and I’m ready, and I’m not afraid.”

—Summer Block (x)

Short story (?): “Insufficient Funds, But Plenty of Tooth and Feather”

“Insufficient Funds, But Plenty of Tooth and Feather,” by Kate Barss

Appeared in Catapult, October 20th, 2017

215 words

A cool dream.

Short story: “Never Quiet Again”

“Never Quiet Again,” by Jess Zimmerman

Appeared in Catapult, May 12th, 2017; mentioned in the magazine’s submission guidelines as something they’re proud to have published

920 words

A little horror story. This must be what tinnitus is like.

It did occur to me, regarding the next-to-last paragraph, that sign language is all that’s needed to bridge the gap between people. The Deaf must feel pretty lucky in this world. Am I being too literal? Or does this piece ignore deafness and sign language to its detriment?

Short story: “Monsters”

“Monsters,” by Scott Cheshire

Appeared in Catapult, September 30th, 2015

5762 words

This story ends at exactly the right point.

Short story: “Cats and Dogs”

“Cats and Dogs,” by Joy Williams

Appeared in Catapult, September 8th, 2015; collected in The Visiting Privilege

4352 words

Lush surrealism. Or hyperrealism? Everything that happens is possible but implausible. The overall feel of the story reminds me of “The Girls,” and I didn’t realize until just now that it’s by the same author.

On shame

“No one ever told me to be ashamed. Especially not before the first time, not when I was so very young. But then, no one had to tell me it was wrong to collect butterfly wings either. All they had to do was take them from me, simply make me aware by virtue of their unexplained absence that someone else knew, and I never touched another wing again.”

—“A Chronology of Touch,” by Kayla Whaley (x)

Short story: “All the Ways He Won’t Die”

“All the Ways He Won’t Die,” by Jess Zimmerman

Appeared in Catapult, February 17th, 2017

3006 words

I like this.