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Flash fiction story: “Dandelions”

“Dandelions,” by Kate Barss

Appeared in Catapult, March 16th, 2018

328 words, although the magazine’s guidelines say a minimum of 500 words

Not my usual kind of thing, but I was won over by the elegance of the dandelion imagery, the way it suggests the character’s newfound freedom from relationships with men. The fact that the mother is gardening (probably cursing every dandelion she sees) is very apt.


On self-editing

“Any fool can write, but only a writer can cut.”

—Douglas Adams, according to this

Short story: “Negligible Senescence”

“Negligible Senescence,” by Mel Kassel

Appeared in Three-lobed Burning Eye #28, October 2016

1,200 words

This is so charming.


Short story: “What a Wolf Wants”

“What a Wolf Wants,” by Nikki J. North

Appeared in Three-lobed Burning Eye #28, October 2016

3,404 words

I’m not sure I understand the plot of this story. The main character seems to be on a quest in a simulated world that connects her brain to a “patient,” but I don’t get how that relates to the loss of her sister or who’s using her sister to distract her. I think I do understand the bittersweetness of the ending.

The prose and atmosphere are excellent.


Flash fiction story: “The Canary”

“The Canary,” by Mario Aliberto III

Appeared in Every Day Fiction, February 21st, 2018

932 words

I liked this. Nice prose too.


Short story: “Bedtime”

“Bedtime,” by Gabriel Heller

Appeared in Electric Literature‘s Okey-Panky, November 13th, 2017

1,679 words

A depressing vision of home life, complete with a hint that old age holds worse things. The lack of paragraph breaks, the lack of quote marks, and the relentlessness of the banal details make this feel like stream of consciousness.


Flash fiction story: “Military Coup Matching Quiz”

“Military Coup Matching Quiz,” by Ellen Adams

Appeared in the Kenyon Review Online, January/February 2018

671 words

A clever piece, full of disquieting details.


Short story: “Teeth”

“Teeth,” by Erin McGraw

Appeared in the Kenyon Review Online, January/February 2018

1,382 words

An interesting piece about the social markers that categorize us in other people’s minds, and the problem of money.

Found via a recommendation here.


Short story: “Mother Tongues”

“Mother Tongues,” by S. Qiouyi Lu

Appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, January/February 2018, Vol. 42 Nos. 1 & 2 (Whole numbers 504 & 505)

Maybe 2,000 words? Very short

My favorite piece in this issue so far. A very simple story, but effective.


Short story: “The Forgetting”

“The Forgetting,” by Leah Cypess

Appeared in Daily Science Fiction, February 14th, 2018

894 words

This is awesome, and not all that far-fetched. I love the last line.