What makes a scene work or fail

by look i have opinions

“When you go to the doctor and tell him that you have a pain in your elbow, it is the quack who takes out his scalpel and starts to operate on the elbow.[…] [A]n experienced doctor studies you, takes an x-ray, and determines that the cause of the pain is probably a pinched nerve up in your shoulder—you just happen to feel it in your elbow.[…] Audiences are like that. When you ask the direct question, ‘What was your least favorite scene?’ and eighty percent of the people are in agreement about one scene they do not like, the impulse is to ‘fix’ the scene or cut it out. But the chances are that scene is fine. Instead, the problem may be that the audience simply didn’t understand something that they needed to know for the scene to work.”

—Walter Murch, as quoted here