On the inarticulacy of art

by look i have opinions

“Criticism can talk, and all the arts are dumb. In painting, sculpture, or music it is easy enough to see that the art shows forth, but cannot say anything. And, whatever it sounds like to call the poet inarticulate or speechless, there is a most important sense in which poems are as silent as statues. Poetry is a disinterested use of words: it does not address a reader directly. […] It is not only tradition that impels a poet to invoke a Muse and protest that his utterance is involuntary. Nor is it strained wit that causes Mr. MacLeish, in his famous ‘Ars Poetica,’ to apply the words ‘mute,’ ‘dumb,’ and ‘wordless’ to a poem. The artist, as John Stuart Mill saw in a wonderful flash of critical insight, is not heard but overheard.”

Anatomy of Criticism, by Northrop Frye (found via this)

On the other hand, to the extent that criticism is an art in itself, criticism too is dumb.