I feel a kinship with poor Kolya

by look i have opinions

“‘Of course I hate my name Nikolay.’

“‘Why so?’

“‘It’s so trivial, so ordinary.’

“‘You are thirteen?’ asked Alyosha.

“‘No, fourteen—that is, I shall be fourteen very soon, in a fortnight. I’ll confess one weakness of mine, Karamazov, just to you, since it’s our first meeting, so that you may understand my character at once. I hate being asked my age, more than that … and in fact … there’s a libelous story going about me, that last week I played robbers with the preparatory boys. It’s a fact that I did play with them, but it’s perfect libel to say I did it for my own amusement. I have reasons for believing that you’ve heard the story; but I wasn’t playing for my own amusement, it was for the sake of the children, because they couldn’t think of anything to do by themselves.'”

The Brothers Karamazov, as translated by Constance Garnett