Literary fiction publication: The Gettysburg Review

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What: The Gettysburg Review, a quarterly print and digital literary magazine
When: 1988 to present
Who: Published by Gettysburg College

Editor: Mark Drew

Managing Editor: Jess Bryant

Marketing & Circulation Manager: Kristin Koontz

Editorial Assistants: Drew Ciminera, Christopher Kempf, Jeff Mock, Margot Schilpp, Corey Van Landingham, Mindy Wilson

Interns: Ivy-Rose Kramer, Jahnvi Ramaiya, Mikki Stacey, Nicole Cvjetnicanin

Founding Editor: Peter Stitt

Advisory & Contributing Editors: Lee K. Abbott, Rita Dove, Rebecca McClanahan, Leslie Pietryzk, Philip Schultz, Paul Zimmer

How: Sells subscriptions ($35 for one year of print), issues, T-shirts, also advertising
$: Duotrope says, “Pay ranges from Semi-pro payment (1-4.9 US cents per word) to Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word)”

According to Wikipedia, Ron Tanner said in 1994 that Gettysburg Review stories “are clearly in the mainstream of contemporary American fiction—you will not find ‘experimental’ work in the Gettysburg Review.” The journal itself says, “Aesthetically, we are open to most styles and approaches and are always interested in stories, whether more traditional or experimental, that are off-beat, penetrating, and surprising.” They go on to say, “We do not publish genre fiction—mystery, crime, science fiction, fantasy, and the like—but are certainly not opposed to considering work that self-consciously employs the tropes of formulaic writing for more sophisticated literary ends”—even though they’ve had stories anthologized in Best American Mystery Stories.