Short story: “The Weak Spot”

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“The Weak Spot,” by Sophie Mackintosh

Appeared online August 15th, 2016 in Granta 136: Legacies of Love

3947 words

“I tried to think about whether I would rather kill a man or a deer and honestly I couldn’t choose, which made me feel bad, but men didn’t have the velvet-soft pelt at the back of their necks and a deer had never looked at me in a way that said they were thinking of me inside-out, of how I’d look if I was crying or motionless or asking them very gently not to do anything to me.”

A delightful story. Feels like a commentary on our society, where women are taught to fear men but not quite permitted to hate them. Sad that this brutal alternate world is better (at least on the surface) at keeping girls and women safe.

Murder class reminds me of “No Victims.”