Short story: “Taxonomy”

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“Taxonomy,” by Alix Ohlin

Appeared in TriQuarterly, issue 146, Summer/Fall 2014

4776 words

Sad. I can’t help feeling Ed is making a big mistake, shutting “the crazy” out of Meredith’s life. Magick’s magic act hints at the beauty and value of the crazy, even if it ends with an ominously injured dove staggering away.

Found via this recommendation on the Ploughshares blog: “[S]omething is up with Ed, with his daughter Meredith, with this whole situation—something the Amish lemur stuffed animal he’s about to buy is simply a diversion from. Something dark and strange and far from obvious, and thank goodness for that.”

I’m not sure if I like the taxonomical theme, though it does seem to hint, aptly, that family connections could be important to Meredith if Ed let them be part of her life, and/or that Meredith is seeking family connections in ways Ed fails to perceive. Maybe it’s a matter of taste. Also I think some of the species names are actually subspecies.