Short story: “Empty Planets”

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“Empty Planets,” by Rahul Kanakia

Appeared in Interzone, issue 262, JanuaryFebruary 2016

10 pages in the magazine, maybe 4k words?

Is there a word for bleak hopefulness? Cheerful meaninglessness? It’s not a feeling I enjoy, but I admire fiction that manages to replicate it. (Like “Reasons to Be Cheerful,” which is one of Kanakia’s favorites.)

Kanakia writes:

“When you have an entire story about a guy who struggles to articulate the inarticulable, you really want an ending that says something. And yet what is there to say that can’t be banal? I got a few rejections from editors where they said everything was working except for the ending.

“However, I loved the ending. I’ve rarely been more sure that I’ve found the right ending for a story. And after reading through it just now, I was struck by how well the story articulated the problems I’m still facing, two years after writing it.”