On bothness

by look i have opinions

“The Idiot is, as I said, from time to time near that borderland where every thought and its opposite are equally true. That is, he has an intuitive perception that no thought, no law, no mould, no form exist which are true and right except as regarded from one pole—and every pole has its opposite. The situation of a pole, the taking up, that is to say, of a position from which to view and order the world, is the first stage in the foundation of every cultural form, of every society and morality. Whosoever considers Spirit and Nature, Spirit and Freedom, Good and Evil as interchangeable, if only for a moment, is the deadliest foe of every order of civilization. For there begins the contrary of Order; there begins Chaos.

“A line of thought which turns back to the Unconscious, to Chaos, disturbs every human system of order.”

—Herman Hesse in “Thoughts on Dostoevsky’s The Idiot,” translated by Stephen Hudson (another translation in PDF here)