On pre-visualization in storytelling

by look i have opinions

“I wish I didn’t have to shoot the picture. When I’ve gone through the script and created the picture on paper, for me the creative job is done and the rest is just a bore.”

—Alfred Hitchcock, as quoted in Hitchcock on Hitchcock, Volume 2

I’ve heard that this statement is at best an exaggeration, but I sort of want it to be true. Not that I want to be bored while putting a piece of fiction together, but I want to believe that outlines and imaginative daydreams can be the heart and skeleton of a story, and that the writing itself is just the breath that animates the thing.

There’s been at least one case when I was bored while writing a scene because I had already written the surrounding story and determined what the scene needed to do. And it seemed to work! At least, people weren’t bored reading it.