On the fear of running out of ideas

by look i have opinions

“I began composing tweets for @QuietPineTrees in June of 2014, six months before I started posting them, in order to build up a stockpile. I was afraid I’d run out of ideas. That fear was, apparently, unfounded.”

—T. R. Darling (x)

“When I first started writing and drawing Narbonic, I was under the impression that my biggest problem would be coming up with enough ideas to meet a daily schedule. I thought that I had to include every strip I wrote, because otherwise I’d run out of material in a few months. Eventually, I realized that this was insane, and I started cutting with a vengeance.”

—Shaenon Garrity (x)

It seems that getting usable ideas is a habit, and one that doesn’t take long to develop.