On satire and ridiculousness and just rolling with it

by look i have opinions

“I am always on the lookout for raw material to manipulate in esoteric ways, and [it’s] usually garnered through satire. But then I ride that material pretty hard, and before you even know what’s going on, it’s not satirical anymore! […] That doesn’t mean we lose sight of the fact that this stuff is ridiculous. It’s still plenty ridiculous. […] The thing is, we can mock stuff and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean that stuff demands excessive scorn, or can’t be treated as a legitimate topic to roll with in a story. So I think drawing your own horse porn is pretty weird. But who am I to say that’s REALLY so terrible? I’m not better than anybody. I’ll poke fun at it for a while, but then I’ll just roll with horse dicks with a straight face for a while too. Maybe have a beer with them. Turns out they’re a good bunch of dicks when you get to know ’em!”

—Andrew Hussie (archived here, found via this)