Short story: “Beyond Sapphire Glass”

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“Beyond Sapphire Glass,” by Margaret Killjoy

Appeared in Strange Horizons, August 10th, 2015

991 words

For someone like me who sees artificial/simulated consciousness as just another form of consciousness, this is a little tragedy. Janna has a chance to change her (?) mind and join Hannah in “heaven.” Instead she torments herself talking to someone whom she considers dead, making it harder for either of them to grieve and move on.

Not a big fan of this line: “I got that vacant look on my face.” I get what the narrator means, but it would flow much more naturally if the observation explicitly came from another character, like: “Kevin says I get this vacant look sometimes. I think I had it then.”

I accidentally listened to this podcast episode twice because while the story itself is memorable, the title and the title image are both meh. Very generic fantasy stuff.