A thought on Judge David Bunning and Kim Davis

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I find it disturbing that a government clerk can be arrested and jailed for refusing to do her job. Is this really the kind of thing we want the law to be doing? Perhaps Davis deserves our scorn. Certainly she deserves to lose her job, and I find it disturbing too that she cannot simply be fired outright (apparently because she is an elected official). But she does not deserve the loss of her liberty. Her actions, however cruel, have been essentially nonviolent.

What’s more, Bunning is making her a martyr on one side of the culture war, a laughingstock on the other. At a time when we should be treating bigots as increasingly irrelevant, Bunning has dragged one into the spotlight.

I wish the popular discourse around this event were more about how to deal with bad elected officials and overpowered judges. I wish it were less about Davis’s looks and sexual history and culture.