Short story: “Among the Sighs of the Violoncellos”

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“Among the Sighs of the Violoncellos,” by Daniel Ausema

Appeared in Strange Horizons, April 13th, 2015 (read / listen)

1,529 words

Delightfully clever and weird. This is the bit that won me over:

Two philosophers once had a sword duel there, arguing whether the lack of water below made it a true or false bridge. To one it undermined the very concept of bridge-ness and made mockery of such categories. To the other, the word could have many meanings, could signify countless things, each in its own context.

Who won the duel depends on how you define words like winner and duel and death. In the eyes of the law, the winner was the one who defined sword to mean whatever weapon he could lay his hands on. And the sign winner signified a cell with bars and a locked door.