Horror fiction publication: Pseudopod

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Pseudopod, a podcast of short horror fiction


August 11th, 2006 to present


There’s no About page or anything similar, which means you have to check Wikipedia and the forums for information, but here goes—coedited by Shawn M. Garrett and Alex Hofelich; formerly edited by Ben Phillips; as of June 16th, 2015, Moaner T. Lawrence is the new Assistant Editor of submissions; there are a number of associate editors identified only by their first names; hosted by Alasdair Stuart; cool intro music by Anders Manga; website graphic design by Jonathan M. Chaffin


Like all Escape Artists podcasts, Pseudopod is free online, with a few unobtrusive audio ads; relies on donations and subscriptions (starting at $2 a month); they also sell audio discs and T-shirts and accept other forms of support


As of June 16th, 2015, pays $.06 per word for original fiction up to 6,000 words (pro rates), a $100 flat rate for reprints, and a $20 flat rate for flash fiction stories (under 1500 words)


From the website stylesheet—Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

This podcast has been growing on me. Alasdair Stuart has a certain warmth and earnestness that make it feel welcoming, without detracting from the horror.

The blanket content warning also feels welcoming to me, though like all content warnings, it’s an imperfect compromise between warning listeners and spoiling them. I suppose the ideal compromise would be to include detailed content warnings in a separate, easily ignored, but easily accessible file, with the detail increasing as the user listens or scrolls down. The standard podcast format doesn’t allow for anything so elaborate.

It’s worth noting that this podcast defines its genre very broadly. There are plenty of straight-up funny stories with no horror elements, only horror tropes (werewolf presidents, hapless murderers). Speculative elements are not required.

Pseudopod has won two Parsec Awards and has been a finalist several times.