A spoiler-free list of characters in The Adolescent/The Raw Youth, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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—well, as spoiler-free as I can manage. Based on Andrew MacAndrew’s translation. For characters with several names, the one most commonly used is bolded. The Adolescent doesn’t use as many nicknames and alternate names as certain other Dostoyevsky books, but the sheer number of important characters is exhausting to keep track of. There are also several unrelated characters who have the same names (for thematic effect, I think).

Arkady Dolgoruky (diminuitive: Arkasha), our narrator, nineteen years old at the time of most of the novel’s events

Lisaveta (Lisa), Arkady’s full sister, blond and freckled

Makar Ivanovich Dolgoruky, a former serf and Arkady’s legal father

Prince Dolgoruky, who is no relation

Maxim Skotoboinikov, a rich merchant who once lived in Makar’s town

Peter Stepanovich, a teacher who once lived in Makar’s town

Dr. Lichten, a doctor in Moscow who prescribed Makar an ointment

A young doctor with “an abrupt, even impolite manner”

Mr. Malgasov, Versilov’s maternal uncle, who was once Makar’s master

Savin Makarov, another of Malgasov’s serfs

Sofia, Arkady’s mother, who married Makar as an eighteen-year-old serf

Andrei Petrovich Versilov, Arkady’s biological father, who was twenty-five years old when he visited his Tula estate and met Sofia

Anna Andreyevna Versilov, Versilov’s legitimate daughter, twenty-two years old, tall and slender

Andrei Versilov, Versilov’s legitimate son

The Fanariotovs, parents of Versilov’s late wife and grandparents of Versilov’s son and daughter, who live in their home

Miss Anfisa Sapozhkov, housemaid at Versilov’s Tula estate

Mrs. Tatyana Prutkov, called Auntie though “she was neither my aunt nor anybody else’s,” a landowner who used to look after Versilov’s Tula estate

Maria, a Finnish cook/maid who has worked for Mrs. Prutkov for a long time; she has an unpleasant manner and a snub nose

Litvinov, a landlord

Lukeria, now a servant in Sofia’s home

Fekka, the maid in Sofia’s home

The late Mr. Andronikov, who had a government post and also a private law practice

Maria (no connection to the Finnish cook), Andronikov’s former ward and favorite niece; Arkady lived with her and her husband in Moscow when he was attending high school

Nikolai Semyonovich, Maria’s husband and “an intelligent man”

Barbara (sometimes Auntie Barbara), Versilov’s late aunt, at whose country estate Arkady lived before he went to stay with the Andronikovs

Monsieur Touchard, a Frenchman and the head of the school Arkady attended before high school

Madame Touchard, his wife

Agafia, who looks after Arkady at Touchard’s school

Lambert, a boy at Touchard’s school who used to beat Arkady up

Abbé Rigaud, a priest who congratulated Lambert

Efim Zverev, a high school classmate of Arkady’s, now studying at a technical college in Petersburg, about nineteen years old

Lavrovsky, another old schoolmate of Arkady’s

Prince Nikolai Sokolsky (often called “the old prince“), a former friend of Versilov who used to suffer from fits

Olympiada (sometimes called Olympe or Olympia), the stepdaughter of a cousin of the old prince’s late wife “or something like that,” and the prince’s protégée; plump, red-cheeked, no more than nineteen years old

The late General Akhmakov

Miss Lidia Akhmakov, General Akhmakov’s daughter by his first marriage, seventeen years old and consumptive

Lidia Akhmakov’s baby

Mrs. Katerina Akhmakov, the old prince’s daughter and the young widow of General Akhmakov; a beautiful woman who became greatly attached to Lidia, her stepdaughter

Baron Björing, a mid-thirties colonel and an acquaintance of the Akhmakovs

Baron R., a forty-year-old German colonel and an associate of Baron Björing

Prince V., a friend of the old prince

Mr. Pelishev, another friend of the old prince

Mrs. Alexandra Sinitsky, an acquaintance of the old prince

The Moscow Princes Sokolsky, not closely related to the old prince; they have a legal case against Versilov

Prince Sergei Sokolsky, one of the Moscow Princes Sokolsky and Lieutenant of the Guards, said to have paid an insult to Versilov

Darzan, a friend of Sergei

Stepanov, who was an ensign in Sergei’s regiment

The late Stolbeyev, whose will caused the legal conflict between the Moscow Sokolskys and Versilov

Anna Stolbeyev, a relative of Sergei

Kraft, “about twenty-six, spare, blond, above average in height, with a serious and at the same time gentle look”

Dergachev, a twenty-five-year-old engineer, dark-haired, bearded; he holds meetings at his home, which he shares with his wife, a baby, his wife’s sister, and another relative

Mrs. Dergachev, “a rather pleasant-looking, simply dressed young woman” with a baby

Tikhomirov, twenty-seven years old, with black sideburns and a voluble manner

Kudryumov, a freckled redhead with a jeering manner

Mademoiselle Alphonsine, “tall and thin as a matchstick,” a French speaker with a Parisian accent and a dramatic manner

Andreyev (Monsieur Andrieux), a long-legged man in shabby clothes who speaks bad French

Trishatov, Andreyev’s elegantly dressed friend

Semyon, a pockmarked man of about forty-five

Vasin, reputed to be intelligent, fair-haired, gray-eyed, living in Petersburg

Mr. Stebelkov, Vasin’s stepfather and guardian after his father died; an extremely well-dressed man with a “naturally aggressive” manner, black eyebrows, and a big beard, whom Arkady feels to have “an unfinished, diffuse, and undetermined quality”

Nastasia, the maid at Vasin’s lodgings

A landlord and petty government official in his forties

The landlord’s wife, a consumptive

Olga, a woman of about twenty, pretty but sickly and pale, who advertises her services as a teacher

Daria, Olga’s mother and the widow of a government employee, who came to Petersburg with her daughter; about fifty years old

Safronov, a Petersburg merchant who lost Daria’s husband’s money some years ago

Chervyakov, a lodger

Matvei, a coachman

Zershikov, a retired army captain who runs a gambling saloon

Aferdov, a gambler

Osetrov, “a long-legged, thin young man” and a former midshipman, who now makes his living by taking citizen complaints to court

Zhibelsky, a young clerk in a lawyer’s office

Peter Valerianovich, a man said to live a life of austerity in the desert

Mrs. Lebrecht, whose belongings are placed on auction

Arina, a foundling infant

Alexandra Vitovtov, owner of a private theater

Philip, a hairdresser