Short story: “You Don’t Even Have a Rabbit”

by look i have opinions

“You Don’t Even Have a Rabbit,” by Jessy Randall

Appeared in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Issue 31, December 2014

Roughly four pages in this zine, ? words

A fast-moving, clever piece that ends on a wonderfully unsettling note: “She was going to be so rich that she’d be able to buy any emotion she wanted, any time she wanted it.”

Early on in the story, the verb “to say” is invariably replaced by “to be like,” and quotation marks are never used for dialogue. On a reread, I noticed that this convention gets dropped halfway through. Disappointing. Maybe it was just there to underline the characters’ lack of communication? It’s true that the dialogue towards the end is more effective for being spelled out verbatim.