Short story: “No Victims”

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“No Victims,” by Rahul Kanakia

Appeared in LampLight Volume I Issue I, September 2012

1,666 words

This is a charmer of a story. The setting is never quite explained—is this a hospital only murderers can enter? a society where murder is the norm?—but it holds together by its own logic.

On his blog, the author tentatively describes “No Victims” as horror fiction, but I don’t see it that way. It could easily be horrifying, but instead it escalates the mundanity of the murders until they come to seem not horrible but sad. The last line is lovely.

Here’s something else Kanakia says about this story:

“It’s the first time I’ve managed to sell one of my tone-based stories. These are stories I sometimes write where some interesting voice came to me, and I just spun out some kind of short (usually around 1500-2500) narrative until I can bring the story to a close. For me, the story is carried along primarily by the texture of the words. In genre taxonomy, these stories tend to be weird fantasy stories. Often, they only take a few hours to write and (in my opinion) don’t need very much revision at all.”