This too is somebody’s religion

by look i have opinions

“My father is becoming impatient. They try a seated pose. The photographer explains that he has his pride, he wants to make beautiful pictures, he is not merely interested in all of this for the money. My father says: ‘Hurry up, will you? We haven’t got all night.’ But the photographer only scurries about apologetically, issuing new directions. The photographer charms me, and I approve of him with all my heart, for I know exactly how he feels, and as he criticizes each revised pose according to some obscure idea of rightness, I become quite hopeful. But then my father says angrily: ‘Come on, you’ve had enough time, we’re not going to wait any longer.’ And the photographer, sighing unhappily, goes back into the black covering, and holds out his hand, saying: ‘One, two, three, Now!,’ and the picture is taken, with my father’s smile turned to a grimace and my mother’s bright and false. It takes a few minutes for the picture to be developed and as my parents sit in the curious light they become depressed.”

“In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”