What to call your notebook if you are one of those writers who still carries around a notebook

by look i have opinions

Pretentiousness level People who call their notebooks this Connotations
Notebook Low Harriet the Spy, Nicholas Sparks characters, pretty much everyone in between None, really.
Journal Low to moderate You write non-fiction. You are a serious person.
Sketchbook Moderate You’re an artist. You draw things. Also, you will draw things for people on request.
Scratchpad Low To those in the know, this sort of term suggests that you have a realistically low expectations for rough drafts. To the less perceptive, it suggests that your work is worthless and you know it.
Scrapbook Low (it’s not cool if women do it) You are a kitschy, harmless stereotype with no secrets whatsoever. Your notebook is full of photos and archival-quality craft-shop geegaws.
Memory book Moderate Like a scrapbook, but more dignified. Fewer polka-dot ribbons, more yellowing news clippings.
Diary Low (it’s not cool if girls do it) You write non-fiction about yourself. It is super private. It is probably both introspective and sentimental. It might possibly be enclosed in puffy lavender covers with a ten-cent padlock.
Die-ary Depends Johnny the Homicidal Maniac You like to write dark, violent stuff, but you’re actually just a nice dork. I bet you shopped at Hot Topic when you were a teenager.
Cahier Ultra-high, unless you’re a native speaker of French Patricia Highsmith You like feeling like an expatriate and/or snob.
Jotter I don’t even know Does anybody actually use this word? I found it in the thesaurus. ?
Logbook Depends Ships’ captains This one sounds like a straightforward synonym for a journal, but it also subtly suggests that you have your own ship.
Journalog Low (nerdtastic) Nobody, but it’s the label used for excerpts from Mindfang’s journal in Homestuck You like to distance yourself from reality using imaginary game constructs? Or maybe you just like inventing names for things by mushing two aliasynonyms into a single verbiageword?