Short story: “Cereal Days”

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“Cereal Days,” by Bradford Kammin

Appeared in The Gettysburg Review, issue 23:1, Spring 2010

9 pages in the issue; maybe 3,000 words?

A gentle, concise story of grief. The opening cleverly jumps from one time to another without getting flashy about it.

This bit captures a phenomenon I’ve often noticed, but have rarely seen articulated: “What Kat said to me seemed harsh, but I took it in a different way. In all that slow-motion dreariness, Kat’s red apron stood out, alive, and I experienced a moment, a rare moment, where everything seemed obvious.” I think the narrator experiences Kat’s cruel words as the kind of honesty that his state of mourning, as well as the loss of his wife, has isolated him from.

I had to look up “silage.”