Short story: “The Widower”

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“The Widower,” by Dennis Y. Ginoza

From Per Contra: An International Journal of the Arts, Literature, and Ideas, issue 29, Fall 2013 (story here)

2,227 words


I’m kind of impressed that this story overcame my initial reaction to the widower’s decision. Getting revenge on a wild animal is dumb and futile by definition, but it’s the only thing he can do right now, the only way he can satisfactorily mourn his last friend.

I think the word “widower” is used in place of a name because the character is more or less defined by his loneliness, not because his marriage is especially significant. That works, I guess.

Not sure I understand what the final appearance of the Hmong woman is about. All I get from her is foreignness and incommunicativeness.