Short story: “Thirty Seconds From Now”

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“Thirty Seconds From Now” (capitalization sic), by John Chu

Appeared in Boston Review on September 1st, 2011 (online here); released as episode 412 of Escape Pod (here) on September 5th, 2013

3,593 words

I really like this one. I like the idea that, knowing things will end badly, we feel compelled to try them anyway. For Tony, this is a way for him to move forward as a person.

On reflection, Scott’s uniqueness is a distraction. It’s never explained, and his personality doesn’t seem remarkably stolid or predictable either. Its only purpose in the story is to make their relationship a haven for Tony, so I think it could be eliminated without damage.

Tagging this as “future tense,” linguistic accuracy be damned.

I’m surprised to see I haven’t used the tag “boston review” before now. Must read more Boston Review.