On working fast without editing

by look i have opinions

“While simultaneously realizing that everything I do can always be better in every single way, regrets and rear view gazing are excluded from the process deliberately. This is storytelling in hyperspace. Everything is done with the intent to make something as good as it can be, as loose as can be, and as FAST. FAST. FAST. as possible. Lamenting decisions is at odds with this approach, and would be irrational. If I allowed room for second guessing, then I’d be doing something completely different.

“You can isolate any single thing from this, written or drawn, and conclude that with a little more time, some more drafting, editing and revision, it would improve. Such are the benefits that more conventional productions enjoy. They are how works of entertainment become polished. But that’s not the mission here. There is virtually no editing going on here at all, at any stage, from conception, to typing, to drawing, to animating, to posting. The most written editing I’ll do is tweaking a phrase or two after copy-pasting the text from the doc into the browser while updating. Drawings are never drafted or revised. It’s always done in one shot. I don’t storyboard the animations, and often don’t really have the full scene sequence in mind until I’m nearly done. It’s very fluid. It’s all part of the challenge this represents to me in totality, and an aspect of its experimental nature.

“Could it reach another level with a more intensive editing process (or one at all)? Of course. With enough concentrated reexamination, I’m sure the thing could be smoothed to such a seamless literary state, it could enter Earth’s atmosphere without catching fire. It could certainly be more illustratively maniacal too. But editing is a time sink. Even a little is too much, because the top priority by far is speed. To bring as many ideas to coherent realization as quickly as possible.”

—Andrew Hussie on making Homestuck (here, found via this)