Pretty much the only two things I care about regarding Sylvia Plath

by look i have opinions

  1. In The Bell Jar, the main character makes a probably autobiographical recommendation of almost-scalding baths. Every time I give in to temptation and run the water so hot it can’t possibly be healthy, I think, “Well, it didn’t kill Plath….”
  2. This is awesome:

“It was a lunch designed for the girls to get to know one another a little better, and we were at that stage where we were watching one another very carefully, all of us groping to see what we should do, how we should behave. Very shortly after we were seated—at this nice table with a white table-cloth—a large bowl of caviar was served. The caviar was supposed to be for everyone on the table, but Sylvia reached out for it, pulled it in front of her, and began eating. She proceeded to eat the whole bowlful of caviar with a spoon. I remember thinking to myself, ‘How rude[.]'”

—Ann Burnside Love, quoted in Andrew Wilson’s bio, via this