I have no idea what this means

by look i have opinions

“Goodness should become human nature, because it is real in nature.”

—tag on a Yogi brand tea bag

I’ve been staring at this stupid tea bag tag for the past five minutes and all I can think is, what the fuck? I can’t even come up with a plausible fucking interpretation of this sentence. Does “become” mean “come to be” or “complement”? Does the second “nature” refer to Nature, like existence/the universe/Mother Nature, or does it still mean “essence, fundamental character”? And if the latter, are we supposed to understand “real in nature” as an expression meaning “really real, for serious,” or is the intended meaning more technical? And come to think of it, does “it” refer to goodness or to human nature? And why are we still using ridiculous essentialist clichés like “human nature” anyway?

Goodness is so real and present in the world around us that it should go well with human nature.

Goodness is so real, etc., that it should gradually become part of human nature.

Human nature is very real, and therefore goodness should complement it.

Nope, none of these sounds like something an actual fucking human being would say. I think Yogi has figured out that if you mash together some vague feel-good buzzwords (possibly using this spambot?), you can fool casual readers/tea drinkers into considering it “inspirational.” Thanks a whole fucking lot, Yogi.