Psychological pricing correction software

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This needs to exist, so I’m just going to put the concept out there for all the aspiring developers in the world: An app or browser add-on that identifies a deceptive price like $49.99 and automatically converts it into a more intuitively reasonable notation, like ($50 – .01).

Deceptive price Intuitive notation
$5.95 ($6 – .05)
$69 ($70 – 1)
$1.99 and 9/10 ($2 – .001)

Imagine people walking into convenience stores and getting all the price signs scanned and converted by their Google Glass goggles (or whatever wearable computer device is going to be omnipresent in the future). Once the technology became cheap enough, nobody would ever have to look at another price ending in ninety-five or ninety-nine, ever again.

(Edited to correct an incorrect price in the second column. See, this is why I need my intelligence augmented by technology.)