Short story: “Roy Spivey”

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“Roy Spivey,” by Miranda July

Appeared in the July 11th, 2007 issue of the New Yorker (subscribers can read here); read in the November 2012 New Yorker Fiction Podcast by David Sedaris (listen here); The Short Story Project has it up here; there’s also an excerpt online here

No idea how many words

This story is just fun to read, and the evocation of emotional paralysis rings really true to me.

I did keep rolling around quasi-anagrams in the back of my head (Yvor Spyrie?), but that was okay. The one thing that distracted me, for the first few minutes, was trying to figure out if this was just a quirky, thinly veiled wish-fulfillment piece about the writer’s celebrity crush (it’s not). That’s obviously not something that could be eliminated from the piece, though.