Short story: “Hills Like Stuffed Tigers: Calvin Discovers Hemingway”

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“Hills Like Stuffed Tigers: Calvin Discovers Hemingway,” by Russell Bradbury-Carlin

Appeared in Yankee Pot Roast in March 2005 (read here) and the podcast A Brief Conversation with My Hair (here)

682 words

Meh. This story could do a lot of interesting things with Hemingway’s voice and the comic strip characters, but it doesn’t. Also, the references to Margaret and Mrs. Wilson don’t seem to echo Hemingway in any meaningful way, which makes me think the writer got Calvin and Hobbes mixed up with Dennis the Menace and then didn’t bother to check. The line about grape Kool-Aid is probably the best thing here.

I kind of want to like Yankee Pot Roast, but it mostly reads like an extremely low-rent McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.