Questions no one normally asks or answers when discussing a piece of written fiction they like

by look i have opinions

  • What is the word count (exact or approximate)?
  • Is this a complete story (or some other fictional form)? What makes it complete?
  • How is the plot structured? (Epiphany plots and other “literary” plots included.)
  • What was the initial attraction of the piece, i.e., the first point at which I felt compelled to keep reading?
  • Almost all fiction has some gripping parts and some slower parts, like exposition. During the slow parts, what kept me reading (besides the promise of the gripping parts to come)?

I’m not even sure if the above things are all that important to what makes fiction work. I suspect they are, but who knows?

Others are likely to be asked only by writers, god help the poor bastards:

  • Where was it published, or where can it be published, and with the help of what agents or editors?
  • For how much money?
  • What kind of prestige is associated with this publication?
  • How many people can be expected to read it? What sort of people?