Short story: “The Armchair Detective”

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“The Armchair Detective,” by Jon Steinhagen

Found here in matchbook, March 2012

941 words

Sort of an anti-story, taking apart the classic character type. The Armchair Detective exudes self-satisfaction, right down to his quirky yet dignified hobbies (here, Bezique and the Heckelphone; see also: orchids, gourmet dining, the Diogenes Club), but there’s something hollow about him. He’s an amusing curiosity rather than a whole person. I like the melancholy of this piece.

As usual with this magazine, I wish I hadn’t read the critical thoughts bit. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it doesn’t go well beside the story. I wonder if that’s how random googlers feel, looking for fiction and chancing on this blog.