More microfictions

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“For Sale: …,” by Alan Green

7 words, just one more than the piece that inspired it

Found here and here on Nanoism

Perfect answer.

That Hemingway-attributed piece irritates me sometimes. Every article or blog post about microfiction feels compelled to mention it, and while it’s one of the best-crafted microfictions I know, it doesn’t have the emotional depth that makes some other very short fiction so compelling. It’s a dead baby joke disguised as literature.

“Progress,” by Joe Schreiber

Third-place winner of Robert Swartwood’s 2009 Hint Fiction Contest (read it and the other finalists here)

11 words

I really like this. Robert Swartwood suggests somewhere that the story could easily be about either a victim of Stockholm syndrome or a child learning to accept a legitimate father figure. To me, though, the title is just redundant enough that it reads as ironic and sinister, robbing the story of that ambiguity. Of course, I’m inclined to see irony and sinisterness everywhere anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference.

“Oh,” by Anya Yurchyshyn

80 words

Read online in a 2009 issue of elimae

A great tiny portrait of a relationship. I mostly don’t really get elimae, even though it generally seems well written, so I get excited when I find things like this.