Short story: “Miss & Mrs.”

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“Miss & Mrs.,” by Amanda Lyell

Found in Grasslimb Journal, Vol. 9, No. 1 (buy here)

About 950 words (rough estimate)

This is a really quick, clever little piece. Two nameless women discuss a nameless, deceased man who was the fiancé of one, the son of the other. There’s a slight, constant tension between them that’s both funny and sad, sometimes simultaneously, and when they try to set it aside we get a tiny glimpse of their grief.

Grasslimb describes itself as being “in tabloid format on quality paper,” which is accurate. The paper is very white and thick. Seems like a good journal (and they run Cat and Girl, which is always a bonus), but I probably won’t be subscribing because more than half the page space is taken up by poetry.